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Hagop Jambazian

(Hagops Yerousaghemtsi)


Hagop Jambazian was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the Old City of Jerusalem. As a young boy his grandmother would take him with her to the St. James Apostolic Church every Sunday for service. He also attended Srpots Tarkmanchats School during those years.


Music was a huge part of his life. Every morning he would wake up hearing his father’s voice singing praises to the Most High God. His father’s love for God and music were an inspiration to him and planted a love for singing and for the Lord forever into his heart.


God opened the doors for Hagop to attend Switzerland’s Beautenberg Theological Seminary. During his time there he was a soloist and became a member of the Acapella quartet. At the same time he was continuing his studies in music in Germany.


Hagop Jambazian felt God was calling him to touch the world with Christ’s love through music. He composed hundreds of praise songs arranged with Armenian-style music. God soon after called him to serve with Trans-world Christian Radio and while there, he committed himself to composing Christian music. He composes songs in the Arabic, Armenian, Bedouin and Turkish languages. He reached thousands through music. He soon began to give concerts sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through his praise songs all over the Middle East, while preaching about the unchangeable Christ in an ever-changing world.


Later, he formed a professional choir and orchestra in Yerevan, Armenia, where renowned soloists performed his composed pieces. He composed works such as "Christ’s Passion", the "Armenian Genocide Requiem", the "Darfur Genocide Requiem", a Christmas oratorio and much more. One of his most popular arrangements was "Hushartsa Mayrigees", with lyrics by Armenia’s well known poet Hovhanes Shiraz. He composed some national and folk music as well.


His works are now spread all over the world, fulfilling his calling to touch others through music with the love of God. His legacy lives on in the lives of family members and people who continue to hear and be moved by his music, as New Hope Singers draws on his beautiful songs for outreach concerts.

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