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AEUNA Tribute Concert

July 01, 2018

Celebrating the Centennial of the Armenian Missionary Association of America and the 172nd Anniversary of the Armenian Evangelical Church, this free concert features sacred, spiritual, and classical works and is organized by the AEUNA.

New Hope Singers & Harmony Chamber Orchestra

December 03, 2017

Benefit Concert For Syrian & Iraqi Armenian Refugees

New Hope Singers In Toronto, Canada

May 07, 2017

Live in Toronto, Canada

New Hope Singers In Montreal/Laval, Canada

May 05, 2017

Live In Montreal/Laval, Canada

New Hope Singers In Fresno, California

May 28, 2023

Live In Fresno,CA

New Hope Singers @ UACC

October 16, 2016

Live In Concert @ UACC

New Hope Singers & The Music of Hagop Jambazian

May 02, 2015

In Commemoration Of The 100th Anniversary of theArmenian Genocide

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